Thursday, March 18, 2010

Late start

So as with so many things in my life, graduating high school, starting college, stopping picking my nose, I am late starting the apartment therapy challenge. Somehow I only missed it by a week though. Just a week! If it were a college class, I might till get a C! So I am off to JP or Allston or somewhere to get the book from the library, then I'm off to get batteries to take some pictures of my slum/apartment. I keep thinking "I HAVE TO CLEAN BEFORE I TAKE PICTURES" but I guess that goes against the point. I will leave the cat's half drank saucer of milk and the roll of toilet paper on top of the holder and the piles of clothes. It is all important. V. v. important.



Also I chose the annoying polka dot template for my blog, because I am clueless and a mess. Everyone else has a lovely white template with like a square header and classy font and it just drips with class and I do not drip with class so I should probably not lie on my blog.

Also I couldn't figure out how to set that template. So I will just act like I wanted this one. I feel like a naked baby in the world of blogging. I am old school, I still have a livejournal where I post pictures of my cat and talk about my life being terrible.

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