Sunday, March 21, 2010

Things to fix

1. The make up corner
Believe it or not, this is a big improvement. See all those boxes and bags? That is new.
I need to get a little table or something to put them all on. Maybe one of those plastic bins so they wouldn't have to be out all the time. I need to clean my mirror too.

2. Both the bookshelves look crowded and ugly

I am going to have to get Kevin to help me since most of this stuff is his. I hate hate hate all that stuff on top of the big shelf. Like not the books but the hat and vases and stuff arg.

3. The night stand
It is a milk crate. Nuff said. The visible condoms add to the classiness.

4. Photobucket
Laundry area. I am getting rid of the sewing machine and hopefully some of the clothes. I am also going to get a dresser to keep the clothes in and hopefully find a better way to have the cats boxes and my art supplies. We are going to clean the bedroom closet our so dirty laundry can go in there.

5. Top of the dresser
I need to throw out the plants and find a better place to keep all the office supplies and get rid of the other miscellaneous junk.

6. Record player area
There is so much junk in all those bins, they are ruining my life. I might put the bins on the top shelf on the closet instead and go through them to get rid of unnecessary stuff.

7. TV stand
Kevin's dreamcast is all up in my bidness. Also I want to get a better tv stand with lots of storage space (or any storage space lol)


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