Saturday, March 20, 2010


Things I dislike about my apartment:

-It is dusty, there is cat hair everywhere
-The curtains on the front windows are necessary because I can't sleep at night without them but they really keep out all the natural sunlight during the day, I need a way to pull them back
-The "TV stand" is not a tv stand at all, but a rickety table and bellow it there are stacks of Kevin's games, wires, magazines etc. On top there are DVDs, and the novelty bow I put on the TV when I gave it to him three months ago. It is kind of cute how much he loves it but really, it needs to go.
-The laundry system in our room is a disaster, all that corner is a disaster really, we need to reorganize the laundry and get rid of the sewing machine and maybe Holden's second box too.
-I need my own dresser
I need more strorage where you can't see everything at all times

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